Spike cards (“we”, “us”, “our”) is committed to promoting games i.e., Rummy, Mindi and Satte pe Satta (“Games”) available on our mobile application, website available at:, media form, media channel, mobile website and related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (“Platform”) in a legal and responsible manner. 

We intend to put forth our Games to the users and players of our Games through the Platform (“Players”, “you”) in a responsible manner and therefore, the following disclaimer and disclosures (“Disclaimers”) are made to endorse our commitments above and to minimise any ill-effects of the Games to our above and to ensure that our Players enjoy the Games while being completely aware of the social harms and legal aspects associated with the Games.  

We advise you to completely read, understand and follow Disclaimers before playing the Games and adhere to the while playing the Games, to limit any harmful effects of the Games.


The following Disclaimers shall be read along with the Terms and Conditions of the Website. It is hereby disclosed that:

  1. The Games are only to be played by Players of majority age in their respective jurisdictions. We reserve the right to restrict or cancel any fraudulent accounts from playing the Games.
  2. Any Players using the platform by providing dishonest and fraudulent information regarding their natural age may face legal consequences, which maybe criminal in nature. 
  3. No stakes could be placed in the Games in form of real money.
  4. The Players won’t get any winning amount, pot, shares, etc., in form any real money, money’s worth or anything of value. 
  5. The Games are only to be played by Players of Indian states, union territories and jurisdictions where the Games are not prohibited.
  6. The Players are restricted from creating multiple accounts.
  7. We are not liable for and reserve rights to cancel, restrict, report to authorities, or take legal actions against fraudulent accounts created by Players using fake details including age, name, other user details, etc.  
  8. The shuffling of cards in the Games is based on the Xorshift 128 algorithm by George Marsagli and is completely randomised. We or any of our employees are not responsible for the shuffling and distribution of the cards.
  9. We use, secure and store all your personal information as per our Privacy Policy.

Advertisements on the Platform

We disclaim the following regarding all the advertisements which may appear on the Platforms:

  1. Any copyright contained in any of the advertisements is not owned by us and is the respective property of the publisher of the advertisement.
  2. The advertisement on the Platform ‘IS AS’ is provided by the publisher of the advertisement and we do not check the accuracy or validity of the content of any advertisement published on the Platform.
  3. We are not liable for any claims, offers or consequences of any offers or claims of any advertisement published on the Platform.
  4. You view, subscribe or act upon any of the advertisements on our Platform at your own risk and liability.

Responsible Gaming – Legality

The Public Gaming Act, 1867 is the central legislation which regulates the Games in India. In addition to this central legislation, each state of India has their own legislation to regulate the Games within the territory of their respective states. 

Behavioural issues

IT Rules (TOI)

Not an income opportunity or alternative employment option