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How To Play2022-05-19T22:09:44+05:30

Are you a champion at playing cards? Always enjoyed beating your friends? Or looking for the best way to pass your time? Here is your chance to do it all over again – but online!

Challenge your friends or people nearby to play Rummy or Teen Patti, invite your family to play Satte Pe Satta or Mendikot, and show them that you can ace it.

Play more to earn points and exchange them for attractive awards. Easy to Play, but easier to win rewards.

Let’s Go! What are you waiting for? Start Playing Now!

At Spike Cards we understand the excitement and importance of social card games that is our innate culture. Thus,  we give you the opportunity to relive your fond memories and make new ones with a wide range of games available here. Get the best Indian Card games like Rummy, Satte pe Satta, Teen Patti, and Mendikot with one click!

How to Play Rummy Online India 

Here is a simple guide on how to play Rummy and win.

Rummy is played by two to six players. One or two standard decks of cards plus jokers can be used depending on the number of players. 13 cards are…

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How to Play Mendikot 

How to win Mendikot

Mendikot is a fun and interesting game much like most of the card games prevalent in Indian Culture. The best part about being in the new age of…

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How to Play Teen Patti

All you need to know about Teen Patti and Ace it like a Pro

Teen Patti is a three card game, also known as the simplified version of Poker. Teen Patti online is played with a simple 52 card deck. There are no…

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How to play Satte pe Satta online

Tips on how to win Satte pe Satta

Satte pe Satta is one of the easiest games to play online. This card game can be played by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 players…

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I don’t know how to play rummy, can I still download and win the rummy game?2022-05-19T22:04:33+05:30

Yes, you have come to the right place. Beginner or veteran – play and win a rummy online card game on Spike Cards. To know more tricks and tips on how to win rummy in minutes – check it out here.

Can I report a player who I feel is cheating in the card game online?2022-05-19T22:07:04+05:30

We at Spike Cards believe in a fair play of online card games and thus give you an option of reporting a player who you think is cheating in this Satte pe Satta, Mendicot, Rummy, or Teen Patti. Simply use our support portal and mention the user name of the player and let us know – we will block that player from any further nuisance.

Do I have to challenge opponents, can I play with my friends online?2022-05-19T22:06:57+05:30

You can now create your own table or room where you can invite your friends and play with them online to show off your talent in winning Satte pe Satta. Choose who you play this easy online card game with and win exciting rewards only on Spike Cards.

I do not want to gamble, can I still play this game?2022-05-19T22:06:53+05:30

Satte pe Satta is a fun game that you can play online on Spike Cards – invite your friends and family and challenge them to win more points and rewards. It is completely legal and safe to play this card game online on Spike Cards – Try it out now!

How do I win more rounds than my opponents in the Mendicot card game?2022-05-19T21:57:34+05:30

If you want to win Mendicot and challenge others to show your mastery, check out our secret Top 3 tips to win Mendikot here.

Is this the Mendicot card game or a digital version that has different rules?2022-05-19T21:56:03+05:30

Rules for Mendicot are the same online and offline. To know tips to win this amazing card game online, check out Spike Cards and the tricks that are given here. Play the game today and win exciting rewards. 

Can I invite friends to play on the same table for Mendicot?2022-05-19T21:54:06+05:30

It is possible to invite your friends to the same table for Mendikot on Spike Cards, just follow these simple steps: 

  • Log on to Facebook
  • Click “Play Online”
  • Choose your game mode – Full or Fast 
  • Choose and tap “Play”
  • Click on “Invite Friend”
  • Choose friends and play together once they have accepted your invitation..
Can I play two games like Teen Patti and Rummy on the app simultaneously?2022-05-19T21:51:25+05:30

Teen Patti and Rummy are both separate games that require focus combined with fun, play both these games online and win rewards on Spike Cards from the comfort of your home and from your mobile phone.

Can I transfer my chips to an online account?2022-05-19T21:52:11+05:30

Yes, you can, while Spike Cards is launching its affiliate coupon system, shortly the money can be cashed into the account, we are working on adding security layers to that feature.

How do I know the computer does not always win in Teen Patti?2022-05-19T21:47:15+05:30

You can beat the computer by learning some of the tricks to win Teen Patti online. It is an easy mobile game that can be played to win real rewards. Spike Card tells you some of the secrets on how to win with the computer here.

Can I win real cash in Rummy Game Online?2022-05-19T22:02:50+05:30

Yes,  you can play card games and Win real rewards on Spike Cards. Try your luck today!

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