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How to Play Mendikot

How to win Mendikot

Mendikot is a fun and interesting game much like most of the card games prevalent in Indian Culture. The best part about being in the new age of technology is the availability of this age-old game online on Spike Cards. Here you can challenge your friends or play with people nearby and win the game of Mendikot. 

Here are the top 3 tips to win Mendikot: 

You want to reach the winning streak in this game? Then the focus of your partnership should be on the rules of the game – simply, focus on getting 3 or 4 tens in the first place so that you and your partner can take the lead to win. So in-case there is a tie, the players having more than 7 tricks will win the game! 

Psst.. that was the first trick to win Mendikot from us! Now for a few more: 

  1. Get all 4 tens between you and your partner – and the dealer will claim it as the Mendikot. 
  2. In-case both the teams have 2 ten, the winning team holds 7 or more tricks in it. Hence the partnership winning a majority of the tricks will become the winner of the game. 
  3. When opposing teams are playing their tens, store your high-ranking cards to win the Mendikot tricks.
  4. Play your tens when the other players have put down low-ranking cards. 

So, now that we have shared the top 3 tips to win Mendikot, get on with it. Master this game online and partner up with a friend or a player with an equal interest in the game. Make up a team and win Mendikot to get exciting awards from Spike Cards. 

How do I win more rounds than my opponents in the Mendicot card game?2022-05-19T21:57:34+05:30

If you want to win Mendicot and challenge others to show your mastery, check out our secret Top 3 tips to win Mendikot here.

Is this the Mendicot card game or a digital version that has different rules?2022-05-19T21:56:03+05:30

Rules for Mendicot are the same online and offline. To know tips to win this amazing card game online, check out Spike Cards and the tricks that are given here. Play the game today and win exciting rewards. 

Can I invite friends to play on the same table for Mendicot?2022-05-19T21:54:06+05:30

It is possible to invite your friends to the same table for Mendikot on Spike Cards, just follow these simple steps: 

  • Log on to Facebook
  • Click “Play Online”
  • Choose your game mode – Full or Fast 
  • Choose and tap “Play”
  • Click on “Invite Friend”
  • Choose friends and play together once they have accepted your invitation..
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