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How To Play Satte Pe Satta

Tips on how to win Satte pe Satta

Satte pe Satta is one of the easiest games to play online. This card game can be played by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 players. You receive your cards face-down and this online card game starts with the player who holds 7 of hearts. The following step would be to play either 6 of hearts or 8 of hearts – however, if you want to break this suit, you can play 7 of any suit.

In case, if you are a beginner and all this just seems too difficult – the best way for you to understand this online game better is by first arranging your cards into different suits in your hand. This will help you decide which card to play in your next move. Not simple enough? Well, you can always skip your turn with a “KNOCK” if you don’t have the required card in your hand.

Now let’s learn the Game Rules:

  1. Play more than 1 card every round: If you have fewer players on the table, you can initiate a fast-paced and more challenging game by releasing more than one card – for example; you can arrange a series of 4,5, and 6 of hearts or spades.
  2. Remember! Ace is the lowest card: It is a general rule of thumb that Ace is the highest card in the deck, but it’s not. The value of Ace in most online card games and specially Satte pe Satta is 1.
  3. Dont forget to keep track of Score/Points: keeping track of the point in Satte pe Satta is most important otherwise the game can go on for longer than you want. Every time a player loses a card you can attach a specific point to keep the game interesting. For example; if you keep a target of 50 points, the game will stop once a player reaches that mark. The payer with the minimum points obviously wins!
  4. Save your 6,7 and 8 for the last: Marked as the most valuable cards in Satte pe Satta online card game – these 7 cards have the capability to change the current suit and each time this happens you will require the 6 and the 8 cards to fill up the series. If you play them before – you might have to declare a KNOCK or pass to miss your turn. So save the best for the last and win this super simple yet challenging online card game with friends and family!

If you still feel, that these tricks did not help you – play the real game online and gain the experience. The best way to learn is by actually playing the game on Spike Cards. Be your own teacher and become the master of this superb online card game today!

Can I report a player who I feel is cheating in the card game online?2022-05-19T22:07:04+05:30

We at Spike Cards believe in a fair play of online card games and thus give you an option of reporting a player who you think is cheating in this Satte pe Satta, Mendicot, Rummy, or Teen Patti. Simply use our support portal and mention the user name of the player and let us know – we will block that player from any further nuisance.

Do I have to challenge opponents, can I play with my friends online?2022-05-19T22:06:57+05:30

You can now create your own table or room where you can invite your friends and play with them online to show off your talent in winning Satte pe Satta. Choose who you play this easy online card game with and win exciting rewards only on Spike Cards.

I do not want to gamble, can I still play this game?2022-05-19T22:06:53+05:30

Satte pe Satta is a fun game that you can play online on Spike Cards – invite your friends and family and challenge them to win more points and rewards. It is completely legal and safe to play this card game online on Spike Cards – Try it out now!

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