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How To Play Teen Patti

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a three card game, also known as the simplified version of Poker. Teen Patti online is played with a simple 52 card deck. There are no Joker cards played in Teen Patti card game. It is massively popular and super easy to play with three or six people. 

How to Play Teen Patti?

The first step to playing Teen Patti is to select the boot amount that you want to contribute to the table, or the pot. This amount is decided by all the players. It is easier when you are playing Teen Patti online, as you have to place a bet on the table you select.

Rules of Teen Patti Game Online

In Teen Patti, the ace card ranks the highest, while 2 cards are the lowest value. Since this is a three card game, aim to have the top three cards in hand and increase the value of the pot as much as you can!

When the game begins, the deck is shuffled and the dealer gives each player three cards. Those who know how to play the game can also flip the card to check it before they play and bet. The ones who have only just started playing can learn how to play teen patti without looking at the cards – this is called playing blind.

Learn to Play Teen Patti Online in three easy steps

Now that you know the basics about Teen Patti, you must know the combinations that can make you lose or win big time in Teen Patti online card games. Each combination in the three cards of Teen Patti has a ranking, these are categorised by the probability of the cards.

  1. Choose the Teen Patti table
  2. Place your bets
  3. Decide to Play or Fold once cards are revealed

Hand Rankings of Teen Patti:

Trail or Trio Cards:

This is the number one hand ranking and is the three sequences of the same rank. This can be a 7, 8 and 9 of spades.


This means three cards of the same colour and need not be in a sequence. You can get three hearts or diamonds with the same colour and different numbers.

Pure Sequence:

If you get Ace, King and Queen with the same colour then it is a pure sequence you have made.

Straight Sequence:

If you get three cards in a sequence but all three are of a different colour.


In the three cards if you get two cards of the same number. Like king, king and jack- so the king has to be of the same value and rank.

Can I play two games like Teen Patti and Rummy on the app simultaneously?2022-05-19T21:51:25+05:30

Teen Patti and Rummy are both separate games that require focus combined with fun, play both these games online and win rewards on Spike Cards from the comfort of your home and from your mobile phone.

Can I transfer my chips to an online account?2022-05-19T21:52:11+05:30

Yes, you can, while Spike Cards is launching its affiliate coupon system, shortly the money can be cashed into the account, we are working on adding security layers to that feature.

How do I know the computer does not always win in Teen Patti?2022-05-19T21:47:15+05:30

You can beat the computer by learning some of the tricks to win Teen Patti online. It is an easy mobile game that can be played to win real rewards. Spike Card tells you some of the secrets on how to win with the computer here.

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